Are you visiting Muskoka and looking for something fun and exciting to do?

Experience the ultimate summer adventure with our unique donut shaped BBQ boat, that YOU get to captain! For families, groups and couples. Are You IN? Then read on…

Picture yourself and your friends cruising down the serene Muskoka River, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, while enjoying a sizzling BBQ feast right on board!

Our one-of-a-kind donut shaped BBQ boat is designed for those seeking an unforgettable self-guided cruise through the heart of Muskoka. What makes our boat truly special? In the center of the vessel, there’s a built-in Korean BBQ grill where you can cook up delicious meals while you glide along the tranquil waters. Show off your cooking skills! You are the chef! And you have a captive audience!

Not only is our BBQ boat a culinary delight, but it’s also environmentally friendly and right on trend with its electric-powered engine. So, you can indulge in a guilt-free adventure, knowing you’re minimizing your environmental footprint.

Our rentals cater to groups of up to 4-5 people, perfect for a fun-filled outing with friends or family. While our rentals are available on an hourly basis, we recommend a minimum of 2 hours to fully immerse yourself in the cooking and cruising experience.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create unforgettable memories on the waterways of Bracebridge. Book your donut shaped BBQ boat rental today and embark on a journey like no other!

So,  come make morning breakfast, a sizzling lunch or a beautiful romantic evening dinner. It’s your vacation. Make it a memorable one!

That sounds cool, strange, intriguing and inviting - all at the same time! What would the experience look and feel like?

This is Dubai is enjoying it

This is how they do it in Seattle

A blast in London

Oh, and let's not forget Paris

Is it Muskoka's turn? Why not? Staples like canoes are kayaks will always be an option, but we truly think we need new creative, exciting and affordable experiences to make the most of our very short summers.

Hey everyone, it's Sam, and I'm excited to reconnect with you all from my Muskoka Waterbikes days!

Remember those unforgettable moments we shared on the Muskoka River? We were all about offering eco-friendly, stable, and exhilarating ways to enjoy the water with our waterbikes. The support from both locals and tourists visiting Muskoka was incredible, and you can relive some of those amazing memories by checking out our Google reviews or browsing through our Facebook page for stunning snapshots of the river and the good folks who enjoyed the waterbikes immensely.

But then, as we all know, the pandemic threw us a curveball. Rising rent costs made it challenging to keep the business afloat, prompting us to pause and reflect on our next steps. During our time operating, we noticed that families and groups of friends were among our most frequent visitors, and not everyone felt comfortable on the water. That realization sparked an exciting new idea: creating an all-inclusive experience that caters to everyone, while staying true to our eco-conscious values.

Introducing our latest venture – the BBQ donut boat! It’s electrically powered, offering a smooth glide at a leisurely pace of 3-4 km/hour, and comfortably accommodates four passengers. And here’s the cherry on top: we’ve added a fun twist with a built-in barbecue, making every outing a memorable culinary adventure!

So, that’s the scoop for now. But here’s a little teaser: the waterbikes may just make a triumphant return in the future! For now, let’s fire up the grill and embark on a new adventure aboard the BBQ boat – I can’t wait to see you all there!


Experience You Can Expect

You bring the energy and adventurous spirit,  Muskoka will provide the gorgeous backdrop and hospitality. We, only put all this together and give you an experience you will hold onto and come back year after year.

Unconventional Experience In An Unconventional Vessel!

There is something very special about sitting in a ROUND boat, ,BBQ smoke coming out from the centre while you chat and make up for lost time with your company.

Safety First

Being electric with a very low speed of 4-5km/hr, you are no speed demon! Then again, you don’t speed to enjoy the beautiful ambiance around you, as you gently glide through calm waters.

Additionally,  cooking food in a fast moving boats will not end well!

A Korean BBQ Built Right In The Centre Of The Table

When you start your experience we will give you the charcoal. You bring the food, good friends, vibes and positive energy.

BBQ’ing is only allowed if you rent for 2 or 3 hours. One hour is not enough to cook and enjoy. You are free to bring your cooked food and enjoy on the boat

Life Jackets And Safety Kit

Every member of your group will be provided a life jacket. We don’t need a law to tell us that…it’s common sense and our responsibility.

You Are The Captain Of Your Ship!

Yes, you get to command the vessel! It would help if someone in your group has a boating license, as you can get underway quickly, otherwise there will be short period of orientation before you are underway.

The Amazing Muskoka River..

is dotted with cottages on either side, channels with beautiful calm waters. Gently drifting as you take in the ambiance is the only way to truly enjoy this nature’s genorous gift to us Canadians. 

You Might Be Wondering..

I can't swim and don't want to fall in the water and get wet!

That is not a problem! You are sitting INSDE a  boat that is shaped like a donut. You are totally secured, and looking cool to boot!

This sounds like a lot of fun. Who is this for?

For everybody and anybody! Seriously, you can come solo, as a couple, as a family of four, or as a group of friends. Or simply someone looking to  do something on te water that is outside the norm, adventurous and different.

Thinking outside the box, why not bring your clients out for an outdoor experience that may be conducive to their growth? You may be a therapist, a life or business coach, or someone who runs a business and wants to gift their client for their business and loyalty.


I enjoy being on the water but it would be so cool to enjoy it as a team, with family or with bunch of friends!

100% agree with you! And this not just any old boat. It’s round, weird looking, has a korean BBQ pit in the middle and you will be turning heads on the river. Imagine the aroma of the food as you cruise down the river.

Passing boats might ask you to whip them up a burger! Don’t laugh- It’s happened to us a few times!


I am envionmentally consious and so are my friends. Does this boat operate with engine fuel? We do not find it appealing that the smell of gas is infused with our food as we are cooking!

And this is EXACTLY why our boat is NOT powered by gas. We also love Mother Earth and promise to conduct any business we partake in, that we do not cause any harm and leave as little foot footprint as possible. 

Our BBQ donut boat is ELECTRIC only!. Whisper quiet so you can converse with each other without yelling over the noise of a roaring engine.  And cook, without the risk of the stinking smell of burning gas spoiling your food


I would love to cook on the boat. Sounds like a lot of fun, BUT how do you do that while the boat is moving?

So, here’s the deal – you are in an electric-powered boat. Your maximum speed is 4-5km/hr max. 

And remember we select water bodies in Muskoka that are super calm, With 4 adults on board, it is quite solid on the water. We also don’t have too much boat traffic on these water and in some water bodoes like the Muskoka River,, the speed limit is restricted to 5km/hour. At this speed, cooking and eating is not a problem. There are cup holders to keep your soda or juice bottles secure.

What else can I do on this boat?

Sit back and take in the sun!, Make tea or coffee, Read a book, Play cards, Watch other boaters go by, Listen to nature, DECOMPRESS! Most of all – make memories!

So, if you are ready and want to experience Muskoka in a very unique way, you have 3 options. A 2 hour rental is what we suggest if you are going to be cooking on the boat.

1 Hour

Ideal if you only have a short time but want to experience the donut boat. No cooking is allowed, but please free to bring your own cooked food.
$ 125
Plus 13% GST
  • Max 4 Adults
  • No Cooking
Quick Taste

2 Hours

This is adequate for cooking, eating and enjoying the river.Cook or you bring your own food and want just enjoy your time with friends and enjoy the experience.
$ 250
Plus 13% GST
  • Max 4 Adults
  • Cook N Cruise

3 Hours

Absolutely the best!. Plenty of time to cruise the distance and take your time, cooking, eating and enjoying the experience
$ 345
Plus 13% GST
  • Max 4 Adults
  • Full Experience
Too much Fun

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